Adopt a Yellow Warbler

Symbolically Adopt a Yellow Warbler

After wintering in Central and South America, the brightly-coloured yellow warbler arrives in southern Ontario for breeding season in late spring, and may linger here as late as August, by which time its young are able to fly. The male yellow warbler’s distinctive call (“Sweet sweet I’m so sweet”) is a familiar sound on local hiking trails throughout the summer.

The yellow warbler breeds in dense thickets of small trees (willows in particular) near watercourses or wetlands. It is one of the most widespread warblers, nesting throughout most of North America, and as far north as the Arctic Circle. While the yellow warbler’s population is considered stable, scientists expect that climate change will have a significant impact on its range.


This gift supports Bolton Camp

The proceeds from your symbolic adoption will support the transformation of Bolton Camp.

Once a much-loved overnight summer camp for low-income families, the Bolton Camp property is being redeveloped into a multi-faceted community space that will host pop-up retail shops, yoga classes, hike and bike camps, inter-generational cooking classes, outdoor festivals, maker spaces, and more.

Located at the headwaters of the Humber River, Bolton Camp boasts 102 hectares of green space, and a collection of more than 50 historic buildings.

For your donation, you will receive a certificate of adoption, fun and informative newsletters, and a charitable tax receipt.

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