Black Creek Pioneer Village

Help Preserve the Past for Future Generations

History museums play vital roles in our communities. They are trusted sources of knowledge, stewards of important artifacts, and keepers of our collective identities and memories. Studies even show that museums contribute to our wellbeing.

At Black Creek Pioneer Village, visitors are invited to step back in time to experience a working village, typical of those established in South Central Ontario between the 1790s and the 1860s. Along with benefiting thousands of public visitors through innovative, hands-on family programs, the Village is a leader in school learning. Each year, 50,000 students visit Black Creek Pioneer Village to take part in fun and educational curriculum-linked programs.

With more than ten unique gardens, heritage-breed farm animals, historical artifacts and beautifully restored heritage buildings, Black Creek Pioneer Village preserves the past while helping us better understand the present.

By contributing to Black Creek Pioneer Village, you are supporting life-long learning, community wellbeing, and the sharing of stories that connect us all as Canadians.


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