Look After Where You Live

Exclusive Employee Engagement Program

Look After Where You Live is a unique team-building program that empowers corporate groups, increases morale, and helps participants to understand their local environment and how they can make an immediate, visible impact.

Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation is committed to providing an exceptional employee experience during our Look After Where You Live programs. From shoreline clean-ups to restoring native habitats, these hands-on environmental and educational activities engage participants in in team-building while giving back to the community and learning more about protecting and preserving our local environment.

Create an Earth Hero Team!

Share your company’s enthusiasm, talent, and passion for our local environment. You’ll join an unstoppable group of corporate partners that embrace philanthropy and support our conservation work.

Workplace giving and matching boosts employee satisfaction by empowering staff to support causes that matter to them.

To learn more about our workplace giving program PLEASE CONTACT US. To get involved, please complete and submit the form below.

Thank You to Our Past Look After Where You Live Participants!