Tommy Thompson Park

Protect and Enhance an Urban Wilderness

Tommy Thompson Park is a growing urban wilderness that thrives atop the remnants of Toronto’s recent history. Beneath the ground at Tommy Thompson Park are layers of sand and rubble deposited here during the city’s development in the 20th century.

Since 1973, TRCA has been guiding the park’s natural development and ongoing management. With a bright vision for the park’s future, TRCA is working to create, enhance, restore and protect a mosaic of unique, maturing habitats, like wetlands, meadows, grasslands and woodlands. These environmentally significant areas provide a critical home and migratory stopover point for hundreds of different species. They also perform functions that protect environmental health. For example, wetland ecosystems store floodwaters and support aquatic plants that able to absorb pollutants and keep our drinking water clean.

Through monitoring efforts, more than 70,000 birds have been banded at the park (recognized as an Important Bird Area), and a diversity of invertebrates, fish, mammals, and reptiles and amphibians, including at-risk species like the Blanding’s Turtle, have been spotted here. Along with supporting wildlife, this urban wilderness offers trails and a growing roster of education programs and events to benefit Toronto area residents.

By supporting Tommy Thompson Park, you are investing in vital restoration and conservation projects that are protecting the health of our environment and the wellbeing of our city. 


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