February 11, 2019 Jung-Hee Ban

So what does it mean to work with the Toronto Regional Conservation Foundation (TRCF)?

For the Greater Toronto Sewer and Watermain Contractors Association (GTSWCA) the answer is easy; a means to give back to the people of Toronto.

People don’t normally associate the term contractor with environmentalist, but when your primary reason for being is the safe delivery of potable water, for the members of the GTSWCA, it is imperative.

We want to thank the TRCF team for allowing the GTSWCA to attack the shoreline clean-ups with our own style and passion.

Additionally, the collaboration that the GTSWCA experienced with all the stakeholders: TRCA; PortsToronto; City of Toronto; Galcon; and the Police Service Diving Unit could not have been considered without the TRCF at the centre holding everyone together.

The GTSWCA is committed to the shoreline clean ups and to the eventual overall clean up of Lake Ontario and will continue to support the TRCF in all their work. If the TRCF could inspire our association to do so much…imagine what it will be able to accomplish given time!