A Look at the 2018 Living City Impact Awards

A Look at the 2018 Living City Impact Awards
August 31, 2018 Debbie Pokornik
“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.” – Aldo Leopold

Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation is honoured to recognize the people and projects that are helping to advance conservation efforts and enrich communities in the Toronto region.

Every day, teams at Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, (TRCA) work with local organizations, businesses, industry professionals and government to protect the health of our environment—and that of the people who live and work in our region.

Image of TRCA Environmental Monitoring and Data Management team conducting nearshore fisheries surveys.

TRCA’s Environmental Monitoring and Data Management team conducting nearshore fisheries surveys using seine nets. 

TRCA monitors and cares for our rivers and shorelines to keep our water clean and to safeguard ecosystem functions.

Image of TRCA Restoration field staff planting native aquatic plants.

TRCA’s Restoration field staff planting native aquatic plants. 

The organization also manages greenspace and restores natural habitat, like forests, meadows and wetlands, to protect biodiversity and at-risk species.

Participants in TRCA's Girls Can Too program.

Participants in TRCA’s Girls Can Too program using repurposed abated ash trees to build benches. 

TRCA creates programs and experiences that benefit community well-being and inspire life-long environmental stewardship and engagement.

Image from The Future of Clean Transportation, a TRCA Partners in Project Green networking event.

A snapshot from “The Future of Clean Transportation” networking event, hosted by TRCA’s Partners in Project Green. 

As well, they empower businesses to go green and improve environmental performance.

TRCA’s vision for Canada’s largest urban region is shared by hundreds of partners, supporters and peers—from fellow engineers, ecologists and urban planners to architects, policy makers and community volunteers. By working jointly with TRCA to protect nature and solve the myriad of challenges facing urban communities today, these individuals and organizations are helping to advance the four pillars of TRCA’s mandate:

  • Healthy Rivers and Shorelines
  • Greenspace and Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Business Excellence

This year’s Living City Impact Awards will recognize the outstanding contributions of these professionals and their successful work with TRCA. The awards will be presented at the 25th Annual Living City Environmental Dinner on November 1, 2018.

To learn more and to submit a nomination, please visit our Living City Impact Awards page. Nominations are being accepted until Thursday, September 27, 2018. Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation also recognizes inspiring leadership and lasting contributions to the broader conservation sector with the Charles Sauriol Leadership Award


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