Giving Tuesday

Donate for Impact

Giving Tuesday - November 28 2023

You – as donors to Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation (TRCF) – made conservation happen in the Toronto Region over the past four years. $13 million dollars worth to be precise!

Those funds were locally deployed in your communities to do so much. Conservation impacts realized include the protection of animal habitats, like the Western Chorus Frog and Redside Dace – both species under threat.

Your contributions also helped eliminate invasive species such as Phragmites that not only harm biodiversity but even impact the water cycle!

And more positive change: newly created and restored wetlands and meadows bring nature back into the city, and accessible trails make it possible for your green explorations to be frequent and go further.

The pressures on our greenspaces have never been greater, with nearly 5 million people living within 2km of the special places we protect. This while we know that nature protects, nurtures, and is essential to our very wellbeing.

Your contribution on Giving Tuesday enables us to do more, and to have a greater impact. The resilience of our communities, the habitats for our wildlife, and the fate of the planet thank you for caring and donating what you can this year.

Redside Dace
TRCA crew at work restoring meadow habitat
Western Chrous Frog

Above, left to right: Redside Dace; TRCA crew at work restoring meadow habitat; Western Chorus Frog.

Our shared work to create and manage natural habitats is helping to protect endangered species and species-at-risk and educating people in the Toronto region how to care for the natural environment. This life-sustaining work is only possible because of the support of people like you.

You Made It Happen – Today is a Chance to Continue the Green Momentum!