Citizen Scientists Take Action!

Citizen Scientists Take Action!
October 1, 2021 David Todd
volunteer participates in citizen science program

The annual Citizen Science Volunteer Program was launched at the beginning of the year with significant interest from the community!

This program offered training opportunities for volunteers in specific areas of interest such as invasive species management, monitoring and maintaining newly restored restoration sites, and turtle nest protection or monitoring.

Volunteers of all ages from across TRCA’s jurisdiction were welcomed, and more than 80 individuals signed up.

Although COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have limited the size of in-person gatherings, the program was able to move forward with the turtle nest protection and monitoring!

Volunteers participated in virtual training sessions, educating themselves on the approach and technical knowledge needed to search for nests, record location data, and install nest protectors.

The groups involved were excited to take part in this unique community-led program. They successfully installed more than 60 nest protectors and are now currently monitoring for hatchlings to emerge from nesting sites.

Eggs laid in the spring have already begun to hatch, and those that did not will overwinter and emerge next spring.

Learn what to do if you come across a turtle in your community!

citizen scientists place turtle nest protector
turtle hatchling
citizen scientists at work in the field

TRCA’s Community-based Restoration program is set to kick off in the fall with environmental projects and events that will increase awareness of environmentally sensitive issues in our communities.

Projects will improve environmental conditions in residential areas throughout the Etobicoke Creek, Mimico Creek, Humber River, and Don River watersheds. Projects will include riparian habitat enhancement, valley restoration, meadow restoration, habitat enhancements, community monitoring projects, lot level storm water management, and delivering environmental education through events and workshops.

Events are hosted annually as we encourage residents to help make important contributions towards improving and enhancing the natural areas and watercourses across TRCA’s jurisdiction!

Keep an eye out in 2022 for new opportunities to participate and make a difference through the Community-based Restoration program!