Adopt a Clydesdale Horse

Symbolically Adopt a Clydesdale Horse

First brought to Canada in the 1840s, the Clydesdale horse played an important part in the everyday life of 19th-century rural Ontario. Intelligent and relatively lightweight, the breed — which originated in Scotland in the 1700s — is ideally suited for farm work.

Settlers used Clydesdales to pull ploughs, wagons, and carts, and to provide power on sweeps and other farm machinery. Today, this versatile breed is more commonly seen in the show ring — but Clydesdales can still sometimes be found at work in agriculture, logging, and driving.

See Clydesdale horses and other rare and heritage breed animals at Black Creek Pioneer Village.


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The proceeds from your symbolic adoption will support restoration projects and programs at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

At the Village, visitors can discover 40 historic buildings, 70 rare and heritage breed animals, 10 different gardens with flowers and vegetables grown from heirloom seeds, 50,000 historical artifacts, and a wide variety of engaging programs for people of all ages.

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