Earth Day


Established in 1970, Earth Day began with the goal of raising awareness and promoting an understanding of environmental issues.

The ultimate Earth Day goal is for individuals to reflect on their personal environmental behaviors and to commit to making change, however small it may appear. Take a walk, appreciate nature, turn off the extra light, switch to a reusable water bottle.

With more than 60 years of experience, TRCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario, created to safeguard and enhance the health and well-being of watershed communities through the protection and restoration of the natural environment and the ecological services the environment provides. More than five million people live within TRCA-managed watersheds, and many others work in and visit destinations across the jurisdiction. These nine watersheds, plus their collective Lake Ontario waterfront shorelines, span six upper-tier and 15 lower-tier municipalities. Some of Canada’s largest and fastest growing municipalities, including Toronto, Markham and Vaughan, are located entirely within TRCA’s jurisdiction.

By contributing to Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation, you can help TRCA further its work to protect, conserve and restore natural resources and develop resilient communities through education, the application of science, community engagement, service excellence and collaboration.

Thank you for your support of Earth Day Canada!