Black Creek Pioneer Village Animal Care Fund

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) livestock team cares for more than 50 heritage and rare breed animals at Black Creek Pioneer Village!

Clydesdale horses, Toggenburg goats, and Border Leicester sheep are just some of the animals that families and students meet at the Village.

lambs emerge from pen at Black Creek Pioneer Village
Clydesdale horses at Black Creek Pioneer Village
Heritage breed goats in pen at Black Creek Pioneer Village

All of our animals require intensive daily care to ensure they are happy, healthy, and ready to meet and greet the thousands of people who will visit them at Black Creek Pioneer Village once it is safe to reopen.

2020 has been a difficult year for Black Creek Pioneer Village. Our resident heritage breed farm animals still need support and care, no matter if our doors are open to the public or not. The annual cost of animal care and feed is $200,000, which is typically supported through visitation fees.

Consider donating to help the heritage breed farm animals at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Our goal is to raise 25% of the costs to care for and support the animals.

Your kindness and generosity will help Black Creek Pioneer Village remain a one-of-a-kind education facility for families in our communities.


Visit Black Creek Pioneer Village online, and follow the Village on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see the animals in action!


Black Creek Pioneer Village Animal Highlights


Border Leicester Sheep are a rare at-risk breed. Our flock has been nurtured at the Village for more than 30 years!

flock of Border Leicester sheep at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Did You Know?

  • Too much wool around the eyes causes sheep to become “wool blind”? The excess wool must be clipped away so that the animal can see.
  • Each sheep produces up to 10-12 lbs of fleece each year – enough to knit 5 adult sweaters!


Clydesdale horses were first imported to North America in the 1840s. Farmers brought heavy horses like Clydesdales to pull ploughs, wagons and carts, and other farm machinery.

Most Clydesdales are brown or black in colour, with white markings on their face and legs. This intelligent breed is an excellent farm worker and is known for its high stepping, which makes it one of the most elegant heavy horses.

Clydesdale horses graze near Roblins Mill at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Did You Know?

  • Horses’ teeth never stop growing. They are constantly being worn down as they chew food!


Toggenburg, Alpine and Saanen goats are each a breed of dairy goat, named after the region in Switzerland where they originated.

. Goats are excellent climbers with a strong sense of mischief! Farmers tended to keep them for their milk.

heritage breed goats at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Did You Know?

  • Goats’ pupils are rectangular? This gives them almost 360-degree vision without having to move!