The Meadoway

Get ready to bring nature back into city living

The Meadoway is an innovative city building initiative that will transform 16 km of underutilized greenspace within the Gatineau hydro-corridor into a more cohesive and naturalized active transportation network and community gathering place. The Meadoway builds off of lessons learned from previous revitalization projects within the McCowan Road and Scarborough Golf Club Road into a naturalized meadow habitat, active transportation route, and community gathering and educational space. The ultimate vision for the Meadoway is to revitalize the existing hydro-electric corridor between the Don River ravine and Rouge National Urban Park through the conversion of manicured grasses to a diverse, high quality native meadow habitat. A new multi-use trail network will enhance the connectivity of the existing urban fabric, which will be complemented by garden and agricultural opportunities, recreational spaces, and much more.

By contributing to The Meadoway, you are investing in the revitalization of meadow habitat, recreational and educational spaces in your community.


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Join us and become a part of The Meadoway. This community-powered greenspace belongs to you.