You Made It Happen!

You Made It Happen!
November 27, 2023 David Todd

Donate for Impact

Giving Tuesday - November 28 2023

This year on Giving Tuesday, how will you best impact your community to promote conservation, sustainability, prosperity for all?

Below you’ll find seven reasons to consider Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation (TRCF).

Meet a Young Conservation Champion

Evan Huynh raises money in his community to support Monarch butterfly initiatives
Evan Huynh presents a donation to Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to support Monarch butterfly initiatives

Evan Huynh discovered a passion for the Monarch butterfly during the pandemic, at the age of just six. He immersed himself in learning about this iconic and endangered species, raised the Monarch caterpillars he found in his neighbourhood, and transformed his backyard into a butterfly paradise with milkweed and native flowers.

Evan didn’t stop there. He rallied his Treverton Park community for the cause, raising $240 to support the Monarch Teacher Network of Canada!

Evan presented his donation during Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) Butterfly Festival at Tommy Thompson Park in August 2023.

Help biodiversity in our region on Giving Tuesday!

Leading Green Tech Adoption

homeowner adjusts home heating and cooling settings on control panel
homeowner adjusts thermostat settings

A generous grant changed the game in Peel Region by championing low-carbon home energy solutions!

Aging air conditioners in 2023 were replaced with eco-friendly air-source heat pumps in eight homes in Peel. These heat pumps offer a low-carbon heating alternative that is cost-competitive with traditional systems.

Impact Alert: Each participating home will save up to 1.8 tons of carbon per year! That is 168 to 216 tons of carbon saved over the system’s lifetime.

This project, run by TRCA’s Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) team, leads the way and inspires others to go green too.

Help champion sustainable solutions on Giving Tuesday!

Serenity Seating

carved log bench at Kortright Centre for Conservation

Thanks to a thoughtful donation, TRCA’s Kortright Centre for Conservation now boasts a beautifully carved log bench.

Visitors of all ages and abilities can rest in the comfort of nature’s own beauty. This gift holds particular meaning, as it is a legacy gift honouring children with special needs.

On Giving Tuesday, let this inspiring gesture remind us of the incredible impact we can achieve together in creating and fostering compassion in today’s challenging world

Join us in preserving and enhancing precious moments of connection with nature – especially for those who need it most.

Help connect nature with those who need it most on Giving Tuesday!

Yorkhill Park’s Green Transformation

Thornhill SNAP neighbourhood residents take part in rain garden planting at Yorkhill Park
interpretive signage at the Yorkhill Park rain garden in Thornhill

Thanks to a generous grant from Enbridge, Yorkhill Park in Thornhill is now home to a newly planted Educational Rain/Wild Garden, part of the Environmental Learning Zone being developed by TRCA’s Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program (SNAP).

With 320 new native plantings, this garden promotes educational learning – new interpretive signs have been installed to educate at least 1,000 visitors per year. The project also enhances stormwater retention, reduces soil runoff, and attracts biodiversity, contributing to a more resilient environment.

But it’s not just about nature – it’s about people. Yorkhill Park serves a community with seniors and people with disabilities.

The community shared with TRCA their hopes for more flowers and nature, and so we’re immensely grateful to Enbridge for making their dreams come true! Together, we’re building a sustainable, accessible, and inclusive future.

Help create healthy communities and inspire environmental action on Giving Tuesday!

In Good Company

Rosie the Clydesdale arrives at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Dear animal lovers and friends of Black Creek Pioneer Village: your unwavering support and contributions to the Animal Care Fund during the pandemic paved the way for welcoming a new Clydesdale into our family!

In 2022, we lost Ross, a beloved Clydesdale, due to natural causes. Happily, your past generosity made it possible for us to welcome newcomer Rosie into the historic Village.

These majestic creatures play a vital role in our daily public and education programs, offering a hands-on opportunity for visitors to learn about early transportation and farming practices.

But there’s a deeper connection – Clydesdales are herd animals. Your donations have ensured that they’re never alone, providing companionship that’s vital to their well-being.

Clydesdales aren’t just animals – they’re living history. Your support ensures their legacy continues, touching the lives of all who visit the Village.

Help preserve history, create memories and educate generations to come on Giving Tuesday!

20 Years of Insights from the Skies

bird banding at the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station

What’s even more special than celebrating 20 years of bird research at Tommy Thompson Park?

In 2021, a remarkable group of bird enthusiasts “banded together” and generously funded a three-year research project, which wrapped up this August, to meticulously clean two decades’ worth of banding data. High quality data = improved decision-making.

This research will guide restoration efforts throughout the entire park, benefiting its ecosystems, visitors and entire region.

Love animals and understand their need for habitat?

On Giving Tuesday, join us on our journey of supporting priority restoration efforts in our region!

Your support fuels our mission to protect the people and wildlife that call our region home.

Help protect the people and wildlife that call our region home on Giving Tuesday!

Trail Treks, Meadow Meanders, Life on our Living Earth

rabbit hides in tall grass
native wildflowers
trees line forest trail

Our relationship to this living planet we call home relies on you. Trekking on trails, meandering along meadows, appreciating nature’s gift, protecting our future.

As the year draws to a close, we thank each of you who have enjoyed a sight or sound along a TRCA trail or greenspace. These protected places showcase a balanced approach to living sustainably that’s needed. And a bonus, there are many benefits to fully discover, including:

  • Fascinating wildlife, from deer in the meadows to elusive foxes weaving through the forests
  • The bloom of vibrant wildflowers and learning the names of unique plants along the way
  • Aquatic wonders of our lakes and streams, uncovering hidden underwater ecosystems
  • Ancient trees that have stood tall for generations, silently sharing their stories

Do you have a favourite memory or photo from this past year? Share with us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or X and continue to inspire others to connect with the beauty of nature.

Let’s give back to the trails that have given us so much on Giving Tuesday!

Donate for Impact

Giving Tuesday - November 28 2023