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  • Plastics found on a beach

    Trapping Trash Along Toronto’s Waterfront   

    The amount of plastic entering the Great Lakes every year is equal to the weight of the CN Tower (approximately 10,000 tonnes)! Microplastic pollution is becoming an…

  • Phragmites

    The Fight Against Phragmites

    TRCA has worked to successfully restore the habitat quality in wetlands for species at risk through the management of an invasive species known as Phragmites australis (or the…

  • Take the next step to support conservation graphic

    Take the Next Step with Global Heroes! 

    The Foundation is proud to have been featured in Global Heroes this month, as the magazine highlighted the important role that we share…

  • A view of a lake

    Outdoor Adventures   

    If you are looking for activities that will help get you and your family outdoors, while also keeping you cool through some of Toronto region’s hot summer…

  • Rain barrels

    Harvest the Rain! 

    Harvest the Rain is a home retrofit program for single-family homes in the Black Creek SNAP neighbourhood. Homeowners meet with program advisors…